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What Types Of CBD Products Can You Buy?


A lot of people do not realize that there are 3 main types of CBD products available. These are oils, isolates, and wax. It is important that you know more about these types of products to better determine which one you should get.

What Is CBD Oil?

As the name suggests, CBD oil is the liquid form of this compound. The oil will use an extract of the CBD to create the liquid and will often be placed in tinctures, capsules or added to edibles. CBD oil can be added to a number of different products which are not edible.

The non-edible products that CBD oil is generally added to include lotions and balms. These can be used as a topical treatment for rashes or ore muscles.

What Is CBD Wax?

CBD wax actually comes in a number of different forms. When you use the term wax, you could be referring to shatter, budder, live resin or crumble. To create the wax, the CBD extract will be treated to allow it to solidify and crystallize.

It is important to note that this is a very concentrated form of CBD. To use this form, people will generally ingest it through dabbing. Dabbing wax can be very potent, but it will provide the effects that you want much faster. However, you do have to be careful when using this because of the concentrated level of CBD.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest and most natural form of the compound that you will be able to get. This is partially due to the process used for production. This process will eliminate the chance of trace amounts of contaminants and THC.

The benefit of isolate is the fact that accurate dosing can be achieved with relative ease. It is also important to note that isolate can be made into different forms for ease of use. This includes e-liquids and crystals or sheets. These forms can be used in the same manner as CBD oil and will be easily dissolved into carrier oils.

When you are looking for CBD products, you need to know about the different ones that are on the market. There are many different brands you can choose, but there are 3 primary forms of the product that you need to know about. CBD oil is among the most popular, but you will also be able to purchase isolate and wax.